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The next Friends of the Goffstown Rail Trail meeting will be Tuesday August 26th, 7:00 pm at the Parks & Rec Center on Mast Road (map).

For your reading pleasure, the Spring 2014 FGRT Newsletter is now available here.

Our friends at the New Boston Rail Trail will be holding a walk-run-bike event on October 5th. Find more information at their website.

Trail Friends: FGRT thanks DPW Director Carl Quiram for managing a cooperative arrangement to repair a serious erosion condition threatening the rail trail where it passes through the Hillsborough County. It is thought that uncontrolled storm water runoff during the 2006 Mother's Day storm drained off the unimproved railbed and began washing out a gully that became 20 feet wide on the 70 foot high embankment (see photo below). Since then, the slope became unstable and tell-tale signs of a future landslide were apparent.

This summer a fortunate situation allowed DPW to repair the erosion damage for minimal cost. Development near Tatro Drive required removing a massive amount of gravel. Property owner Steven Langley donated a portion of the gravel to the town for the embankment repair. Town dump trucks were loaded with gravel for free by site contractor John Neville Excavating. Some 2,000 cubic yards of gravel were moved and used to restore the embankment to its original condition.

This cooperation shows the generous attitude of two residents, Steven Langley and John Neville, who stepped up and helped the town solve a problem, thereby preventing future damage which might have forced the closing of an important rail trail segment. Thanks to them and the Goffstown DPW workers for their contribution and fine work.

Erosion damage on the rail bed embankment before the repair

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